Cheryl has been with us for four years and is the stylist you will hear before you see here!  Yes, she’s definitely loud but also very genuine and love love loves cutting hair.  She especially likes working on short sharp cuts and anything that requires a lot of precision work.  Rocking a short haircut herself, she can also teach her clients the skills they need to make their styles work in the real world.

Little known Cheryl fact: “I can’t say the word ‘ale’. I say ‘owl’.”

Description Price
Full Head Highlights £90.00
Half Head Highlights £70.00
Partial Highlights £55.00
Partial + Tint £80.00
Half Head + Tint £90.00
Global Colouring Application £47.00
Regrowth Application £43.00
Semi-Permanent £40.00
Balayage From £120.00
Scalp Bleach £60.00
Toner £10.00 (stand alone £20.00)
Cut & Finish £50.00
Gents’ Cut & Finish £30.00
Blowdry £30.00