We can’t always get it right – we know that. A lot of salons don’t want to talk about it because they’re embarrassed.

But we’re not! 

Dealing with lots of different people, personalities, hair types and hair goals is a challenge – that’s why hairdressers love their job. But we also know that we are all individual, thinking differently and interpreting hair goals differently.

What makes The Company Hairdressing different is that we recognize this.

As a guest, I’m sure there have been times that you get worried about coming back to the salon or changing to another stylist if something goes wrong.

DON’T BE (Luckily we get it right most of the time and have hundreds of 5* reviews to back it up)

Let me tell you – we love seeing clients again. We will work with you and you can always tell us if something didn’t go quite right. Finding the right stylists can take some time – remember, we are all individuals and we just click with certain people. We have a large team here and if whatever reason it’s not quite right, don’t change salon, just change to another team member.

Trust me, we want to get it right.

We know it’s difficult to say when we’re not happy with something–we’re British, after all–but we do our best to be completely approachable and really, truly want to have the opportunity to correct our mistakes.

When you’re happy, we’re happy.

So if you get home and aren’t in love with your new cut or colour, let us know straight away so we can put it right.

We guarantee all our work, so contact us within a week of your appointment and we’ll fix it with no extra charge.

If you decide your cut or restyle is just not for you, we’ll work with you at your next appointment to move towards a look you’re completely happy with.

Just talk to us.

See you soon, Vince x