We all love the sun, but our hair doesn’t always love it 🌞

Look after your locks on holiday with our simple hair hacks from the team at The Company Hairdressing. We asked Richard our salon’s Creative Director for some handy tips for keeping hair salon fresh whilst lying on the beach.

Richard says: Get a haircut, first and foremost. Freshly trimmed hair is far less likely to be damaged by the sun, sea and chlorine

Pre-treat your hair before hitting the beach and pool: Apply conditioner or oil to both the scalp and ends at the beginning of the day and leave in order to keep the hair nourished and feeling silky. I recommend KMS Revival Creme. It can be added to wet and dry hair and really leaves the hair feeling luxurious.

  • Hold off on hair spray: Sticky styling products such as mousse and hair spray will smother and bake hair in the sun, causing it to tangle.

Reduce tangling and minimise damage by brushing your hair the correct way. Start at the ends and work your way up to the root. Using a Wet Brush is an ideal way to comb the hair through on the beach and when you’re washing your hair too!

  • And finally, watch out for chlorine! Rinse your hair after leaving the pool – chlorine can wreak havoc on your locks, so shower immediately after taking a dip.

Failing all this, Richard also adds that you are more than welcome to take him on holiday with you should you need that extra care. Speedo’s optional 😁