Let’s talk grey hair

Are you thinking about ditching the dye and growing out your grey hair?

And what’s the right way to go grey?

I see many women this year fretting about “not going grey the right way.”

It’s often the women who transitioned to grey hair with highlights (or other salon methods) who worry that they have somehow cheated.

But there is no wrong way to go grey. You have to do what works best for you. 


What does it mean to go grey cold turkey? It means just letting your grey hair grow in, and (except for the regular haircut) leaving it alone.

Going grey cold turkey is cheap, chemical-free, and is the preferred route for many dark brunettes because it avoids the damage associated with highlights/lowlights or other salon methods that involve bleaching the hair.

It is also the method that freaks a lot of women 

Walking around in PUBLIC with several inches of grey roots showing can seem daunting at first, to say the least.


If you want a quick cold-turkey transition, but don’t want to buzz off your hair, consider getting a pixie cut or just lobbing off a lot of hair!

You could be done with your grey hair transition in 3-6 months, depending on how short you go! Many women are happy to transition with a pixie and at the minute this is bang on trend.


Coming to the to get salon treatment to help you transition to grey hairis a great option for a lot of women because it is faster than the cold turkey method, it hides your demarcation line, and it can make your transition seem seamless.

A salon transition can also be a welcome alternative for women with careers in the public eye. Many women in these fields feel uncomfortable coming to work with two-toned hair and lets face it, we are all a little vain!

A salon transition is often quicker than a cold-turkey transition, depending on the length of your hair.

Of course, just as in hair dyeing, chemicals are involved. If you have fragile hair (or very dark brunette hair that requires a lot of treatments), your hair can become damaged, which is why we would recommend something like Bond Pro+ to protect your precious hair.

The favored salon transitioning routes seem to be: Balayage, Highlights and/or Lowlights, or Grey Blending. If you choose one of these routes, come and see us and let us help you choose which is the best option for you and we will help you transition to the fresh look.

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Word of warning though – Going grey can look amazing, but don’t forget your actual haircut. Keeping your natural colour will always look better with a fresh and fun style and that way we can keep you looking better than ever. And let’s face it – that’s all we all want.