Is your hair suffering from heat stroke?

If you’ve ever coloured your hair, you probably know that it’s possible for your hair to be damaged.

Balayage and high lift colour is so popular, but it leaves the ends of the hair the lightest and the most damaged. And keep in mind, the ends of our hair are already the oldest hair and the most fragile.

This means that if you frequently colour your hair, you’ll have to get frequent trims as well to avoid damage to your ends. Another way to determine if your hair has colour damage is if you or your stylist notice that colour won’t hold on your hair. You may also experience ‘lots of color fading’. When hair is damaged, especially from colour or bleach, hair will have lost elasticity, and when wet, it could just snap off when pulled on, instead of bouncing back like healthy hair.

Like colour damage, heat damage might signal its time for a trim. If your hair has some heat damage, it will start to look like frizzy, or like it’s got static. “It can look like rippled hair when dry. For example, if you run your palms up your hair and the hair frizzes up, this most likely means that you’ve got heat damage.

Also permanently straightened, relaxed, or curled hair can sometimes feel lifeless. If you regularly treat your hair this way, you are more likely to have heat damage. Laying off the hair irons and curlers can help prevent this with the support of deep conditioning and a good trim to limit damage. While a trim may be necessary, if you really don’t want to, see your stylist to determine what kind of treatments you can use to repair your hair. But be prepared — even treatments may not completely fix the problem.