Do I have split ends?

A good, timely haircut is something we prefer not to save on. Right?

It’s better to save on a dress or a fresh shirt – nobody would notice if you are rocking a trendy cut??

Well, I’m afraid to say that’s a big mistake.

Although hair styling is important, it’s often secondary, because even the messiest hairstyles need a proper base – a quality cut that has its shape and texture.

Here your hairstyle will be read appealing and harmonious even if it’s the shaggiest “unkempt” ‘do. Somehow, when we see bed head hair, we always guess right whether it’s a true hairstyle or lack of styling, right? Check to see if your hair needs some attention and anticipate your style reboot!

If you like having long hair, I sincerely hope that you never have to go through any DIY hair-cutting disasters because, let’s face it, it sucks to have to cut your hair when you don’t want to. However, it is sometimes necessary for you to get a haircut, especially if you want to keep your hair strong and healthy.

Do you have split ends?

If you’ve got split ends, check if the ends of your hair are frail, thin, and see through, compared to the rest of the strand. You can physically see split ends and white bulbs at the tips and it’s better to let go of the ends because hair can seem to break faster up the hair strands than grow from the scalp.

Once a hair splits on the ends, the best cure is to trim the hair just above the split end. However, if you wait too long, the split can move up the shaft, making the hair weak and vulnerable if you don’t get to it in time. The splits can progress all the way up your entire hair length, “which means that you’ll have to cut your hair a lot shorter than you might want.” Your best advice if you notice that you’ve got split ends is to get a trim as soon as possible, to avoid further damage.