Do blondes have more fun?

Do blondes have more fun? When they have a purple shampoo to hand, they do.

Purple shampoos have the power to breathe fresh life into blonde hair that’s lost its lustre. Purple is on the opposite end of the colour wheel, so works to neutralise yellow, effectively erasing it from our strands. Plus, the best formulas are packed with moisturising properties, helping boost the longevity of your colour and the softness of your hair.

One purple shampoo is amassing a host of brilliant reviews for its ability to boost people’s blonde hair and leave it looking as fresh as it did after their last colour appointment.

The shampoo in question is the Fanola’s “No Yellow” Purple Shampoo, which is packed with violet pigment to beat brassy tones, nourish hair and leave ends ‘streak free, smooth and give a satin finish.’

As well as helping boost blonde hair, the shampoo will give natural greys a fresh new lease of life too, handy if your are deciding to grow out your colour. natural grey which we’ve just been talking about. 

If your blonde hair is lacking the brightness you crave or your grey hair just looks a little flat, this could be a purse-friendly option is the way to go.

Available in salon or in our shop.