Guilt-free lunching at The Lounge, Horsham

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Here’s to a Healthy 2015

If you’re on a New Year health kick, The Lounge in Horsham is hard to beat for guilt-free drinks, snacks and lunch. Our menu features lots of clean, nutritious and health-conscious foods and drinks that boost your vitality instead of your waistline!

Healthy salads & sarnies

Our salad bowls are made fresh to order and feature lots of rainbow food goodness, accompanied by your choice of prawns, tuna or ham off the bone. They are served with lovely multi seeded brown bread, which has a low G.I index. A completely virtuous lunch choice!

Our healthy bread is also used for a range of sandwiches, which are all made fresh just for you. You can expect a wholesome sarnie, with no nasty preservatives or E-numbers, tailored to your specific requests. So don’t be shy, if you’d rather your butty to be butter-free, or sans mayonnaise, your wish is our command. And if a whole sandwich is too much, we’d be happy to give you half. We’re here to give you what you want, so please just ask.

Caffeine-free drinks

If you’re just swinging by to wet your whistle, we offer a range of proper loose leaf teas, perfect for cleansing, detoxing and aiding digestion. Choose from whole peppermint, green tea sencha, soothing camomile and rooibos.

If you’re a coffee lover trying to wean yourself off the hard stuff, we have an excellent decaf coffee from Illy (Europe’s favourite fresh coffee brand), which has bags of flavour.

As a matter of fact, even our normal coffee has a low caffeine content, as it is an Italian roast: a darker, stronger blend in which the caffeine is neutralised more effectively, without compromising on flavour.

If you’re on a health-kick, don’t read this

Note to all who are resolutely sticking to their vices of caffeine and cake: we still have a fabulous range of home-baked cakes, Horsham’s best coffee, and sumptuous hot chocolate on the menu.

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